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About the Company

Futuristic Marketing Solutions - as the name suggests, we are prepared for the future but we have also learnt from the past and are delivering in the present.

We are one of the leading suppliers of Aluminium Foil and complementing products of the highest quality in the country. Our expertise is in Aluminium Foil (5.3 to 40 Microns) and Nylon BOPA Film (12 to 25 Microns).

We cater to the top companies of the Flexible Packaging Industry (Alu foil 5.3 to 40 Microns), Pharmaceutical Industry (Blister, Strip, Alu-Alu blister) and Food/Confectionary Industry (Chocolate wrap, Ice cream plain rolls) in India and abroad.

The Futuristic group imports from 10 countries and exports to 25 countries as of now.

We have our offices and factories in Gujarat and Sikkim in India from which, we supply to both domestic and international markets.

Quality and Service are the only weapons we have!

Mission and Vision


Our mission is to delight our customers and honesty and clarity in our work. We supply highest the quality products and deliver it in the quickest time in the safest condition.


Our vision is to become one of largest supplier in each stream we master in.

Group Companies

1) Futuristic Packaging Private Limited

FPPL is a premium quality supplier of primary packaging materials for pharmaceutical & food packing materials based on Aluminium foil. FPPL is managed and organized by highly experienced, expert professionals from the aluminium foil industry. With great abilities, profound knowledge and expertise in the field of printed pharmaceutical aluminium foil; the team of skilled management is leading, FPPL, in successful direction for their consistent and rapid growth. The company also strives best for their global recognition by supplying best quality product and exceptional customer support.

2) Ultimate Packaging Solutions

UPS specializes in selling domestic aluminum foils from reputed rolling mills in the following thickness

a) 6 to 40 microns for flexible packaging.
b) 20 to 40 microns coated/laminated for pharmaceutical industry.
c) Alu-Alu blister
d) Nylon film (12/15/25 microns).
e) Paper foil (80 gsm BILT paper/6.5 mic alu foil) for ice cream industry.

3) Ultimate Logistic Solutions

ULS offers a fleet of vehicles ensuring safest and fastest delivery of aluminium foil roll.


Our track record is our history as we are selling aluminium foil for the last 21 years to our happy customer. We have a high level understanding of the product, customers and the industry.


and many more...