House Foil Reel

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11, 15, 18 Microns

  • Foil Material :Fully Soft (0 temper) aluminum of alloy grade AA-8011 conforming to Aluminum Association, USA, specification. 

  • Thickness Tolerance :80% of the length will be within 5 %, 20% of the length will be within 8% Methodology of test : By weighment 

  • Foil Temper :‘0’ (fully annealed)

  • Surface Finish :One side matt and other side bright finish or both side bright finish 

  • Core material :Aluminum/Steel 

  • Core i.d. :76mm/152mm 

  • Roll o.d. :600mm maximum on 152 mm core and 450 mm maximum on 76 mm core or as specified and agreed with customer 

  • Roll width :250-400 mm. Tolerance ± 1 mm.

  • No. Of splice :Average 2 per reel max.

  • Identification :Each reel is identified with a ticket having Reel No., Specification, Mfg.

  • Packing :Suspended packing on strong wooden pallets with adequate protection against corrosion or transit damage. Runner clearance 75 mm minimum.

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